10 am – 11pm: book stalls and bar

11am-1pm: contact sports // book presentation „Rebellisches Berlin“

1pm-2pm: lunch

2pm-4pm: Workshop : Doing a Workers’ Inquiry of Choke Points at Work. // Play! With the Kommunikatzen

4pm-6pm: The Viome factory in Greece: living utopia

6pm: dinner

6pm-8pm: Organising workshop: Union makes us strong! Organising in temporary jobs and the gig economy

7pm-9pm: Presentation: LIBERATION FROM MONEY AND PROPERTY – organising the re_production without domination

8pm: Candle light reading : « Mines de Courrières, ignominie capitaliste, face aux patrons-assassins, la révolte des classes ouvrières » (in French only)

9pm: movie screening “Radical Resilience“