In Short

The Bookfair offers a large range of anti-authoritarian publications of an anarchist tendancy, or close to anarchist values and ideas, brought here by publishers or groups coming from Switzerland, Germany, France or Italy …. But it’s not only about books – since we like to socialise, we’ve also organised exhibitions, debates, readings, concerts and much more.


From September 24th until 26th 2021


In Bern

Where exactly?

The Tscharnigut at Waldmannstrasse 17a

How much?

Entirely free

Can I help?



If you want to help out, send us an email at


There will be plenty of stuff available about that at the bookfair.  Come and find out!

COVID certificate ?

We would like to keep the book fair alive and as open as possible. Please bring a certificate. This does not mean in any way that we approve of the current policy but cancelling the book fair is not an option for us at this stage.