Working in the fields

Where?: Von Roll Lounge

When?: 14.00


Working in the fields

Long working-days, hard work, low wages: the labour conditions in agriculture are mainly bad, legal protection is weak. Some live and work in Switzerland, others have to undertake long journeys to get to their seasonal work place and in winter go to the countries to stay with family and friends.

And big parts of the population profit of these conditions, but mainly it is big enterprises and supermarkets.


Here we want to talk about our experiences and discuss the labour conditions. The aim is an exchange on organisational opportunities for agricultural workers*. How is the labour, what are the difficulties?

What do we need? And what do we need to do? Also we wish for an exchange on examples of alternative labour organising in the food industry.


Are you working in agriculture or are you interested in questions of organization?

How can we get the capacity to act in solidarity? You are invited to share your experiences and your dreams with us!