Presentations & Discussions Friday

7pm – 9pm

Book presentation: La Ligue d’action du bâtiment. L’anarchisme à la conquête des chantiers genevois dans l’entre-deux-guerres

A discussion with the author.

The Ligue of construction workers founded in the 1920s in Geneva soon became a real threat for employers: who didn’t respect their part of the contract, could see his construction site demolished. The spectacular activism of the Ligue stands for the hopes and tensions in the Swiss labor market in between the two world wars.

Followed by a discussion about direct action in today’s syndicalist struggle


Movie screening “Next Stop Utopia” about the Viome factory in Greece

7pm – 11pm

Game Night

It is what the name says: different board games, some more complicated, some easier, some longer, some shorter. Please let us know in advance if you’re coming!