Agriculture without animal exploitation

Where?: Gertrud-Woker Mensa

When?:  Fr, 18.00

Agriculture without animal exploitation

The reason agriculture and rural social movements have so much revolutionary potential is because they have resistance and autonomy ingrained in them. This allows them to take control of the fundamental means of production of all that we use for food, shelter, clothing and medicine.

But how can we meet our basic needs without being exploited, exploiting other humans or animals or destroying ecosystems?

This text will therefore focus on the practical, social and political feasibility of agriculture without animal exploitation. This subject is largely unknown and often ignored and under-referenced. All this despite the fact that plenty of both practical and theoretical data is readily available that shows that, on arable land, livestock farming is not necessary in order to produce the food we depend on!

And just to be clear, from an anti-domination perspective we cannot and do not want to reform livestock farming. Whether it happens in factories or in the garden, whether the goal is commercial or with self-sufficiency in mind; a cage is a cage, whatever its size, its shape or chain length.